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when disable turns to able

About Parastar entertainment

Parastar Entertainment builds processes in the disability industry that does not have a system in place, and fosters stars with impairment across various fields, including models, dancers, athletes, and actors.
Parastar Entertainment is diligently serving the role of a bridge,
so that talented people with disabilities can have access to more opportunities and interested media personnel have an easy point of contact with talents.

Furthermore, by producing barrier-free content featuring the disabled, we seek to improve the general public's disability awareness, thereby becoming a network that connects the disabled and the non-disabled.

A world where disability is not a disability.
Parastar Entertainment surpasses the binary distinction between disability and non-disability, building a world where "disability" does not become a "disability."


Parastar Entertainment is a world-renowned B-Corporation certified company.
B-Corp is a global certification awarded by a U.S. nonprofit organization (B-Lab) founded in 2006 that
recognizes socially and environmentally sustainable
performance, accountability, and transparency, and is a global certification for socially responsible companies.

As of May 2023, more than 6,800 global companies in 90 countries, including Patagonia, The Body Shop, and
Nespresso, have earned B-Corp certification.
To become B Certified, a company must complete a year-long "B Impact Assessment" that evaluates more
than 180 items. Parastar Entertainment achieved the certification with a score of 100.2, exceeding the official
passing score 80.

As a B Certified company, Parastar Entertainment is committed to leading the way in social responsibility and
making the world we live in more inclusive and welcoming.

For more information on our certification, click here

Business Area

Management company with the largest number of disabled artists in Korea.

  • 01. Management

    A flourishing career for artists, including works in advertising, broadcasting, films, and publication.

    One-step care, from artist's concept planning all the way to promotions and events.

  • 01. IP Business

    Self-production of barrier-free content featuring people with disabilities.

    JTBC GOLF&SPORTS Segment / "Class 60", National Team Introduction / Paralympic Sports Guidance / Brand Advertising Video, etc.

  • 03. Event

    Provides planning and operation for both the disabled and the non-disabled.

    Global "Wethe15" Campaign / 2022 Mixball Festival / A+ Festival "Poem Analysis", etc.

Rising Beyond Physical Brriers Rising Beyond Physical Brriers Rising Beyond Physical Brriers

Haley Cha

CEO of Parastar Entertainment

Parastar Entertainment will serve as a bridge to facilitate easier contact between interested broadcasting professionals and a diverse range of individuals with disabilities, allowing them to have more opportunities for appearing on broadcasts.


  • Daewon Foreign Language High School
  • Bachelor's in Physical Education from Seoul National University
  • Master's from Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies
  • Ph.D. candidate in Physical Education at Seoul National University


  • SBS 'Gol Ddaerineun Geunyeodeul' cast
  • Former YTN news anchor
  • Former MBC Gangwon Yeongdong announcer
  • Former SBS reporter
  • Current member of Korea Sports Association's PR and Media Committee
  • Current member of Korea Table Tennis Association's Media Committee

Our History

PARASTAR, What`s next?


  • 06

    Determined a Social Venture Company

  • 05

    A member of Impact Alliance

  • 02

    Confirmed a "Women Company"

  • 01

    Secured Hana Ventures Investment


  • 12

    Recipient of "Excellent Award" at the 4th Hana Ventures Early Startup Competition.

  • 02

    Registered as a "Popular Culture and Arts Planning Business"


  • 10

    Recipient of startup funding from the Korea Employment Service for the Disabled.

  • 09


Parastar CI

Parastar means "a star that has transcended disability".
We foster artists that go beyond the barriers of their physical disability and show off their talents.

Paralympic : Impaired Artists with impairment

Paragon : Beyond Artists beyond hardship

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  • 6F Joy bld 10, Eonju-ro 125-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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