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Sumin CHAE

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    Physical Impairment – ​​Physical Disability

    Exclusive Agent

  • Career

    12th Shinnari Family National Dance Sports Championships for the Disabled - Wheelchair Latin 1st event J - 1st place

    2019 Korea Disabled Sports Association President's Cup National Disabled Dance Sports Championships - Wheelchair Latin 1 event (J) - 1st place

    2020 Disabled Dance Sports Championships and 2021 National Team Trials - 2 wins

    4th Gumi Cup National Eoullim Dance Sports Competition - 2 wins

    The 15th Shinnara Han Family National Dance Sports Competition (the 2nd National Team Selection Competition) - 3 wins

    2022 Seoul Mayor's Cup National Dance Sports Championships for the Disabled (3rd National Team Selection) - Wheelchair Championship Duo Standard Waltz - 1st place

    2022 Gyeonggi Provincial Governor's Cup National Dance Sports Championship (the 4th National Team Selection Competition) - 2 wins

    2022 Korea Disabled Sports Council President Bae National Disabled Dance Sports Championship (final national team selection) - 2 wins

    42nd National Sports Festival for the Disabled - Mixed Latin Team Class 1, 2 (athlete) - 1st place

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