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Jiyun LIM

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    Physical Impairment – ​​Physical Disability

    Exclusive Agent

  • Career

    2021 The Recital Musical "Las Olas" audiobook Hear, See: Interviewer ver cast

    2021 [Eeom Online] Art, what is it? Go! Cast

    2021 [The Value of Being Together] “It-terview"_Lim Jiyoon Direction episode cast

    2021 [Web Drama in #200] Let Me Introduce - Lim Jiyoon cast

    2021 Asia Directors Exhibition - Here, Once, Gaga cast

    2021 Lim Jiyoon's Day, Director and Cast

    2021 Three-Dimensional Reciting Play - Here, Once, Gaga cast

    2020 Lim Jiyoon's Day, Director and Cast

    2020 Korea National University of Arts, Thesis)

    2016 Korea Rehabilitation Association 12th Youth Dream Team with Disabilities

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