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'Goal Girl' Cha Hye-ri's Parasta Enter presents a vision for 'Barrier-Free City' in Indonesia

  • 2023-03-17 18:26:34

▲ Parastar Entertainment, represented by Cha Hye-ri, joined 'One Team Korea' to support Korean companies in winning orders for the relocation of the capital of Indonesia, and presented the vision of a barrier-free city in the local area. Provided by Parastar Entertainment

▲ Parastar Entertainment, represented by Cha Hye-ri, joined 'One Team Korea' to support Korean companies in winning orders for the relocation of the capital of Indonesia,

and presented the vision of a barrier-free city in the local area. Provided by Parastar Entertainment


[SPOTVNEWS=Reporter Kim Won-gyeom] Parastar Entertainment (hereafter referred to as Parastar Entertainment), headed by Cha Hae-ri, the 'She Who Beats Goals', presented a vision of a barrier-free city in Indonesia.


Parastar Entertainment, a management company specializing in artists with disabilities and a content producer, participated in the 'Korea-Indonesia New City Cooperation Forum' held at Mulia Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 16th and made a presentation on the theme of 'The importance of barrier-free cities and culture'.


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